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How fit do I need to be?
The fitter you are the more you´ll probably enjoy an outdoor trip, nevertheless you don´t need to be a super athlete. Just being in reasonably good shape is enough to explore most of what Patagonia Mountains has to offer.

Do I need to camp every night?
We can plan your trip according to the type of accomodation you desire. Lodging can range from very good hotels to mountain huts or camping.

Who does PM work with?
Our staff has the experience of planning adventures in Patagonia with a variety of organizations, corporate events and private groups. Supplying security assistance for adventure races, such as the Raid Gauloises and The Eco Challenge, movie and TV production. We have also designed and succesfully run challenges for many charities from UK and Ireland. On a private note we have hosted large groups from Europe and the US and small groups from all around the world.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?
We always supply a list of personal equipment for every particular trip, but we recommend bringing some very personal gear such as: worn down hiking boots, insulating clothes and outer layers, backpack, sleeping bag, mountain bike riding clothes, etc.; just to make sure that you will be totally comfortable with the basics of life during your trip. More specialized material such as: climbing gear, rafting or mountain bike gear is supplied by PM.

When is the best time for my trip in Patagonia?
Patagonia is known for its peculiar unstable weather conditions, this means nice summer temperatures as well as snow storms within a couple of days. From October to ends of March, the sunrise occurs around 7:00 am and sunset is at 8:30 PM, this gives us almost 14 hours of light everyday. This may be a little reduced due to adverse weather conditions, nevertheless a normal day of outdoor activity should not exceed 8 hours.


Patagonia Trek 2005. Please forward this on to all those involved. Apologies in advance if I miss someone (and spellings)... Colo, Marissa, Gustavo, Martin, and I am sure many others in the background I may have not met personally.
The trip FAR exceeded my expectations! The organization and planning of the trip was great! Considering all the travel, the size of the group, and many other factors. Exceptional job! Thank you for making the experience the best trip I have ever been on!
Congratulations to all and I hope to cross paths with each of you again sometime in the future!
Again, thank you and well done!
Patagonia Trek 2005. Bariloche, Argentina.
>Buenas Tardes, acá les mando un par de fotos del evento para Monsanto.
A los que estuvieron, quiero agradecerles mucho su esfuerzo y dedicación. Creo que nos va a ser dificil lograr clientes tán satisfechos como éstos.
Un abrazo grande... Nacho
Monsanto Team Building, Bariloche November 2004.
"All the hotel transfers and tours were excellent, it was so nice to be able to relax and know that there would be someone there waiting for us... we missed that when we arrived back to London and had to organise a hotel as we missed our connection back to Belfast!
I just wanted to thank you for organising such a super trip, one we will always remember!"
Fiona Balfour
Patagonia Overland Trip, December 2004.
Dear Colo,
Thank you so much for the amazing CD. The commentary, continuity and filming are stunning. I sat and watched it with many, many happy memories, and just longed to be back there.
Next march I am trekking in Nepal with the British heart foundation, we are going to the Everest foothills, hope it lives up to the Andes!
Ruth. BHF Trek, Patagonia Argentina, March 2004.
Wed. a.m., L.A.
Greetings Team AR503!
Wow, awesome Patagonia episode last night! My sincere thanks to everyone on the 503 team who pulled that show together on such short notice.
And Richard Hall & Colo, well hey gentlemen, YOU WERE READY. and that bike course was incredible! The ratings were great!
Amazing Race, Patagonia Argentina, January 2004.
Hi Colo,
Hope you are well, and that you are getting a well earned rest this week after 2 mad weeks of looking after all of us! I want to thank you for an amazing 2 weeks, we all had a great time. I have to admit that I actually cried when I got to Dublin airport!! You are very lucky to live in an amazing town like Bariloche.
Got an email from Julio yesterday who has invitied us back for skiing next summer, sounds great!!
All the rest of the family say hello too!! (Sounds like the mafia doesn't it!!)
Take care and if you're ever back in Ireland give us a shout!
Blazing Saddles Chile & Argentina 2003.
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