Outdoor Film Making

PM has been involved in the production of several movies, TV shows and commercials. We have the equipment and the Know How to set up a full production team, or assist other agencies in their projects. The film making team at PM loves doing their work with the highest quality material and the utmost detail: they provide a service of broadcast quality. But most important as well: we have the experience of working at all the different situations that the outdoors can provide while shooting on film

According to the needs of each production project our staff can work with DVD, DVCAM, BETACAM, or 35 mm. FILM formats. Ranging from a souvenir film intended to be enjoy by a group of people at the end of a trip, to broadcasting material for international tv channels and movie productions. Producing in an outdoor environment can be terribly demanding: PM has the experience of working at remote locations and under all sorts of weather conditions.

We can provide with not only all the logistics for the production while shooting: manpower, equipment, transportation, lodging, catering; but also pre-production: location scouting, production office set up, security assessment of the set, National Parks and special permits, and everything that is involved in an efficient and successful production.

Refugio Patagonia: Directed by film maker Martín Papalia and produced by Patagonia Mountains.

This film is about a unique 5 day traverse in the Lake District, in Northern Patagonia. The traverse involves four mountain refuges from the Club Andino Bariloche and is the only one in South America where you can spend 5 days in the Andes, going from one refuge to the other.

Beyond the spectacular scenery of the area, the film brings back the spirit of those first mountaineers that built all these refuges, in a time where everything was done without the help of modern resources, and shows the dedication of the actual keepers to maintain this same spirit.




Second Prize at the Argentine/Chilean Mountain Film Festival 2004.

“…a real luxury for the senses…” Only South American Film presented at the 22e Festival Internacional de Cinema de Muntanya i Aventura de Torelló.

“…I really enjoyed viewing your documentary about the mountain refuges in Patagonia. I loved your film: vey few people are capable of doing a good trekking film, we tend to describe extreme climbs, trips to remote places or imposible ascents in the Himalayas…”
Jaume Altadill Spanish Film Maker at Torelló 2004.

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