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The very essence of Patagonia Mountains is to trek among whispering woods, be captured by the gliding serenity of the Andean Condor, ascend windswept peaks, climb on top of fortresses of rock and ice, or traverse the millenary glaciers that speak to us of the last glacial era.
Whether light backpacking from one mountain hut to another or heading for a week expedition into the most virgin terrain left on earth, the amazing scenery of the Andes is at every turn of the trail.

Mountain Bike
The best way to cover the long distances of Patagonia and enjoy its beautiful scenery at the same time.
All our biking trips have full vehicle support, so you can decide when to ride and when to relax!!

Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking
This adventure can take you both on a half day rapid navigating experience or on a whitewater journey into the very heart of the Patagonian Andes. Experience the fun of paddling in rivers class III and IV through some of the most unexplored areas of Patagonia.

Surf / Snowboarding
Get the chance to meet the mountains of the Pacific Ocean!! Enjoy the Andes and then discover secret surf spots all along the extense Chilean coastline. No crowds guaranteed! An excellent opportunity to observe the sea life of the Southern Pacific Ocean.

Horseback riding
Patagonia has been the haunt of legends such as the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy. Horseback expeditions that will take you back to that almost forgotten Patagonia.


Due to the Patagonian weather most trips are recommended in between October and March. But there are possibilities for other times of the year.
If you are already a group or if you want to travel privately, you are most welcome to arrange the date that best suits you.
If you want to join other people in one of our Patagonia Classics, please let us know which is the activity that interests you and we will send you the detailed itinerary with updated calendar.


Anywhere throughout the Andes Range...
Although based in Bariloche, in the Lake District in northern Patagonia, we can take you where it is best to find what you seek for your outdoor urge.

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